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Raj Interviews on Conscious Capitalism

Capitalism 2.0: With Passion and Purpose toward Profit.

Bettina Gordon meets the founder of the Conscious Capitalism Institute, Prof. Rajendra S. Sisodia for an interview on the new Capitalism 2.0. Here, among other queries, Sisodia shares his views on the buzz that Conscious Capitalism is creating in America and whether this new wave of capitalism is necessary. How Top Companies Become Superior with Passion and Purpose: Rajendra Sisodia on Conscious Capitalism

Raj Sisodia joins Luke Miller Callahan to discuss how world class companies empower their employees through passion and purpose. Says Luke, “This is the future model for businesses. If you are interested in leadership, personal development, organizational change, business management, or chaordic organizations, you will find great value in what Raj has to say. I guarantee it.”

Conscious Capitalism: Interview with Dr. Raj Sisodia by Jules Pieri

Jules Pieri, Founder & CEO of the online marketplace, Daily Grommet, a leader in Citizen Commerce speaks to Raj Sisodia, renowned author & thought leader in the Conscious Capitalism movement. Here Raj also shares his views on what companies or individuals are the best examples of being conscious capitalists.

Interview, Box of Crayons

In conversation on the importance of ‘Conscious Capitalism’, topics such as ‘How engaged employees are often at the heart of a trusted brand’, ‘The importance of community connection to building trust’ and ‘And how it can all come down to the elements that make up the acronym SPICE’; are broached upon in this interview that Raj Sisodia has with Michael Bungay Stanier.

Holistic brand building: Marketing guru Raj Sisodia’s mantra

In an interview with CNBC-TV18, Raj Sisodia, the acclaimed guru of marketing speaks not about marketing but about his other passion: Conscious Capitalism. Here is a verbatim transcript of the interview and the accompanying video.

Capitalism’s higher purpose: An old idea gains new currency

A new leadership movement is gathering momentum in Australia and it is based on a simple principle: companies that operate to a higher purpose than making money, make more money. It’s not a new idea – in fact is an idea that was more prevalent among businesses 100 years ago, according to its main proponent, a professor of marketing and Bentley University in Masschusetts, Raj Sisodia. Here Raj spoke to LeadingCompany, in his first interview with Australian media with Kath Walters.

Can compassionate capitalists really win?

In conversation with David Whitford of CNN Money, Raj Sisodia states that he is a big believer in corporate compassion. After years of layoffs, cutbacks, and closures in the corporate sector, it’s hard to imagine that any competitive American company really puts the needs of its employees before its profits. But Raj Sisodia, head of the Conscious Capitalism Institute, believes companies that focus on the bottom line, instead of on employees’ needs, will fall behind.

Good Business International interview with Monika Mitchell

“Business is not just about maximizing profits,” says marketing guru and author of “Firms of Endearment: How World Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose,” Raj Sisodia. He reveals how profits result from the higher purpose behind a product in a conversation with Monika Mitchell, Executive Director of Good Business International.

The Purpose of Business, Forbes India

‘Great companies have great purposes at their core. Into which of these categories does your company fit in’? is the big question. John Mackey and Raj Sisodia, together, write this article stating that ‘just as certain humans set great purposes for themselves and eventually achieve greatness, the best companies in the world have great purposes too. They could choose to be good, true, beautiful or heroic.’

Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

According to Raj Sisodia the effectiveness of traditional marketing in the form of advertising, promotion and personal selling is dying. This he states in an interview with Tiffany Ann Brown, sharing his experiences from his 10-year study that reviewed marketing productivity entitled “In Search of Marketing Excellence.”

Interview on Voice of America

Raj’s book Firms of Endearment: How World Class Companies Profit from Passion & Purpose was named a top ten business book of 2007 by Amazon. Here he shares his views on Voice America.

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